Global Leadership Program on the Circular Economy 2019

22nd - 26th July 2019, Adelaide, South Australia

Global Leadership Program on the Circular Economy 2019, Adelaide South Australia

Global Leadership Program at a Glance

Key Details
Global Leadership program on the Circular Economy is a unique practitioner’s program is a collaborative initiative between the South Australian Government agency Green Industries SA, United Nations Centre for Regional Development and Circular Economy Alliance Australia.


Winter Program
22 July – 26 July 2019

Summer Program
Late January or Early February 2020

Adelaide, South Australia

The leadership program is ideal for experienced professionals, public sector managers, academics, and business and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds who are involved in sustainability, urban planning, industrial efficiency, renewable energy, and waste and water resource management amongst other areas.
The program intake is limited to 25 participants in order to provide personalised learning experience.

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