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GLP in circular economy & make empowerment
22nd - 28th July 2019, Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Fellow Sustainability Leader,
Welcome to the Global Leadership Program on the Circular Economy. GLP is a unique program for practitioners as well as aspiring government and business leaders who want to make their organisations future ready and lead its transition to circular economy.

The leadership program will expose you to an experiential learning environment through site visits, case studies, business to business networking, interactions with thought leaders and with international peers and eventually helping with ongoing professional development by being part of an exclusive alumni and developing a personal action plan.

You will develop unique insight into how exactly as a leader you should lead an organization towards becoming more circular in its operation both on a tactical as well as strategic level. You will learn in this program, how to put theory into practice and translate concepts into tangible actions.

The program is designed to challenge you, provoke inquiry, problem solve and eventually deepen your understanding in an intellectually stimulating and sophisticated learning environment.

The program encompasses different themes under the umbrella of sustainability such as energy, waste and materials management, government policies and regulations, behaviour change in community and society, as well sustainability strategies in businesses.

South Australia is recognised internationally as a leader in waste management, resource recovery and the Circular Economy. It recycles more than 84% of all waste produced, nearly 60% of South Australia’s entire energy consumption is met by renewable energy (75% by 2021), and the state is one of the most water efficient regions in the world, recycling nearly 50GL of wastewater and urban stormwater per year. This success has not been achieved overnight. The leadership program features experts who will share with you not only what worked but more importantly what did not work in this journey.
I personally believe, participation in this exclusive program will be career defining experience for you that will definitely broaden your horizons on this HOW part of the circular economy.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Adelaide, capital of South Australia, to embark on this transformative journey together. Please feel free to reach out to me in case you have any questions or concerns.

Hemant Chaudhary,
CEO and Founder,
Circular Economy Alliance Australia
E hemant.chaudhary@ceaa360.com
M +61 411 100 55

Global Leadership Program at a Glance

Key Details
This unique practitioner’s program is a collaborative initiative between the South Australian Government agency Green Industries SA, United Nations Centre for Regional Development and Circular Economy Alliance Australia.


Winter Program
22 July – 26 July 2019

Summer Program
2 December – 6 December 2019

Adelaide, South Australia

Limited Intake
The program intake is limited to 25 participants in order to provide personalised learning experience.

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