Global Leadership Program on the Circular Economy

Preparing leaders for the transformation to a circular economy, 17-23 June 2018 Adelaide, South Australia.

What is a Circular Economy?
Some of the most pressing challenges facing nations today include rapid urbanisation, resource scarcity and poverty. These issues can be best addressed by a circular model for economic and social development.
A Circular Economy eliminates waste and replaces it with a circular flow of materials and energy based on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, repair, refurbishing and remanufacturing practices. This approach achieves environmental sustainability, improves businesses competitiveness, generates employment, increases green investment and establishes inclusive governance.

Who should attend?
This program aims to establish meaningful integration with the Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific and the United Nations Centre for Regional Development. The Global Leadership Program on the Circular Economy is ideal for experienced professionals and executives from government, industry, business and academia working across diverse areas in India and the Asia-Pacific region including Australia: business and sustainability; urban infrastructure; waste to resources; renewable energy; water resource management.

What are the benefits of attending?
The program offers practical knowledge, exposure to Circular Economy strategies and opportunities for networking. Inspiring case studies and field visits during the program will demonstrate how to transition to a Circular Economy. Through the program’s experiential learning your organisation and stakeholders will become more competitive and ‘future ready’.

International experts
The program has been developed by Green Industries SA in partnership with international experts Dr Prasad Modak of Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation and Environmental Management Centre LLP and Hemant Chaudhary, Circular Economy Alliance Australia.

Program overview
The program is being delivered through two different learning modes: a seven day face-to-face immersion program to be delivered in Adelaide, South Australia from 17-23 June, and/or a three week e-learning platform. The program includes:

  • The concept of the circular economy and its relevance, especially in the context of ongoing national programs in India.
  • Special considerations such as the role of informal sector and economic, environmental and social benefits to India.
  • A need for change – policy, programs and practical interventions.
  • Improving climate resiliency by introducing Circular Economy practices.
  • Specific reference to the achievements of South Australia and business-to-business introductions with representatives and experts from leading companies and organisations.

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