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Circular Economy Alliance Australia

Circular Economy Alliance Australia (CEAA) is an Australian Incorporated Company that focusses on bringing together experts and leaders from government, industry, university, consulting and training organizations. CEAA harnesses and synergizes the collective expertise available to deliver collaborative solutions, niche consulting, training and capacity building programs in the area of environmental management and sustainability.


An Alliance of Global Leaders & Decision Makers.

CEAA was conceived and established with with a mission of bringing together experts, practitioners, leaders, educators, executives and thinkers from around the world on a common platform to enable collaboration, knowledge sharing, networking and wider adoption of Circular Economy.

CEAA Founder

Hemant Chaudhary

Founder and Managing Director, Circular Economy Alliance Australia

Hemant is an acclaimed expert in the area of sustainability and the Circular Economy and works extensively on global initiatives with the UN, World Bank and international agencies. In a career spanning 28 years Hemant has worked for large corporations, governments, peak industry bodies, non-government organizations, municipal corporations, community groups, and venture capital investors.

Hemant has covered diverse sectors and specialties that include water, waste, renewable energy, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, food, major infrastructure and education delivering innovative environmental programs and projects of significant scale, sensitivity and impact.

Hemant is the Founder of Circular Economy Alliance Australia (CEAA), a global coalition for leadership and capacity building in the Circular Economy. CEAA is now connected to more than 13,000 heads of organizations, senior leaders, CEOs, top executives, mayors, and sustainability leaders across the world.

Hemant is an Executive Advisor to Green Industries South Australia and an Environmental Specialist appointed to the UN Consultant Panel. He is on the Global Solutions Team of the US Green Chamber of Commerce.

Hemant is a prolific public speaker, a passionate advocate for collaboration between governments, agencies, experts, and communities to solve complex environmental issues. He is actively involved in international trade missions, conferences and seminars.

"Hemant with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi"

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